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Totto Winery Selected as a Certified Company for Tottori SDGs Business Certification

We are pleased to announce that Totto Winery has been selected as a certified company for the first round of Tottori SDGs Business Certification.

 The Tottori SDGs Business Certification System is Tottori Prefecture's own certification system for SDGs management initiatives, targeting businesses that are working to achieve a sustainable society, economy, and environment, in order to further deepen their initiatives and support sustainable growth and value enhancement of the businesses.

 On Friday, July 22, 2022, the 1st Tottori SDGs Business Certification Ceremony was held at the Torigin cultural hall, where the Governor presented each company with a certificate, and Totto Winery made a speech as a representative of the 27 certified companies. The following is the content of the greeting.

We are pleased to announce that our company has been certified under the first Tottori SDGs Business Certification System, and we are determined to further promote management aimed at realizing the sustainable society, economy, and environment that Tottori Prefecture is aiming for.

Based on our corporate philosophy of " connected people through cultivating grape and wine making ,creating dreams and a future" we have been cultivating grapes at our own plot in Kokuhu-cho, Tottori since 2007, and started winemaking in 2016 as a winery in a special fruit wine zone.

Winemaking takes a long time. After a few years of planting the vines, the grapes are ready to be harvested, vinified, and matured. The grapes harvested from older vines are harvested with even more depth. It is said that winemaking should aim for 100 years, and in order for Totto Winery to continue to make delicious wine here in 100 years, we have compiled a sustainability report, which was released on Earth Day of this year.

We have been practicing "grape cultivation focusing on soil cultivation," "conversion of abandoned land into farmland," "low-temperature fermentation winemaking," "holding marche with a focus on economic circulation in the region after the Corona disaster," "activities with local schools as a human resource development project," and so on. This was an opportunity to deepen our thinking about "What is the uniqueness of Totto Winery?

As a result, we became more aware of our responsibility as a winery that speaks of the terroir of Tottori, even though we are small in size, and we further increased our passion for sustainable winemaking.

We, the agriculture, forestry, and fisheries industry, being in the midst of and with nature, feel the changes in the Earth's breath firsthand. That is why we feel a great responsibility to play our role.

From the very beginning, our goal has been to preserve the local natural environment and coexist with local residents by cultivating abandoned land around Kokuhu into our own plots, so that we can continue to make delicious wine for many years to come.

We will work together with the 27 Business Certified this time to promote the SDGs in Tottori Prefecture, in order to realize the wish of OtomonoYakamochi in his poem, "May the snow falling today at the beginning of the new year bring us many layers of happiness," which was written in Kokufu-cho and included at the end of the Manyoshu, a Japanese classic of poetry. Thank you for your continued support.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to the local residents and all related parties for their ongoing support.





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